About Us

Creative Veins: Where Inspiration Finds Its Pulse

Creative Veins is not just a performing arts school; it’s a transformative experience, a sanctuary of self-discovery, and a haven for creative expression. Founded on the belief that art has the power to unearth our true selves and break the shackles of societal conditioning, Creative Veins has become a beacon of innovation, personal growth, and inspiration for individuals at every level.

Most performing arts schools are focused on preparing students for a career in Hollywood, so they reflect Hollywood culture and Hollywood values.

Success vs Growth: What is measured is what improves. Money, fame, credits aren’t important to us. What is important to us is love, building self-esteem, and helping people achieve self-actualization and for our students to become who they really are rather than who they were conditioned to be.

Creativity vs Production: Creative Veins focuses on creativity rather than production. Creativity is problem-solving, invention, and working with limitations. Production is repeating a formula. Production can be budgeted and assigned resources. Its focus is not on new things but on doing the same thing cheaper and faster. The purpose of creation is to bring into the world something that didn’t previously exist. The purpose of production is streamlining a process to increase profit. Hollywood is a production industry, masquerading as a creative one. Creativity is like inventing the light bulb, you can’t know how long or how much or what the steps will even look like until after it is finished.

True Diversity vs Different Sameness: Diversity unfortunately is not about making sure all peoples, perspectives, and classes are represented equally but by taking those groups who have traditionally been excluded, marginalized, and underrepresented and flip-flopping it to exclude, marginalize, and under-represent those who have traditionally been over-represented. Creative Veins believes in true diversity. Where all people regardless of political, religious, race, social class, sexual orientation, etc. can coexist without being forced to conform or risk exclusion. Community is not about people with shared values and perspectives coming together to fight those with differing perspectives and values, it’s not supposed to be “us” against “them” it’s just supposed to be “us”. True community happens when “enemies” learn how to work together because we’re all better together and we should be allowed to be ourselves. Community chooses cooperation instead of conflict and competition.

Art vs Entertainment: Rather than preparing students for a career in Hollywood, which is a corporate-led profit-focused industry that produces widgets of entertainment. We focus on helping people create art, which is the result of experience, reflection, and telling the unbiased truth about the experience based on one’s unique perspective. Art is communication. It’s visual and auditory storytelling. Art is the foundation of all human relationships and community. Every story you’ve ever told is a work of art, it may be unpolished, raw, or a first draft but it’s art. Everyone we love, we love because we share something with them. Either we told a similar story, or you shared experiences that became a shared story. Art is what binds us together. Everyone needs to be seen, needs to be heard, needs to be understood.

Community vs Hierarchy: In a community, those at the top serve those at the bottom, it is governed by servant leadership. In a hierarchy those at the bottom serve those at the top, you have bosses and subordinates. In a community, each individual is valued for their differences, it is a place for diversity. In a hierarchy the less you are like the person at the top the less you are valued, it’s about conformity. In a community, resources are distributed to ensure the health and growth of the whole each according to one’s contribution and risk, value for value. In a hierarchy, resources are consolidated so that the owners get the most/best and those who do the work and take the most risk at the bottom get what’s left over. In a community the higher up you are in terms of authority, the more responsibility and more work you must do, and selflessness increases. In a hierarchy, the higher up you go, the less that’s demanded from you, the less you are required to work, the less responsibility you have.

Our emphasis on doing the impossible is not a mere slogan; it’s a guiding principle. We firmly believe that the stage is a place where limitations disappear, and boundaries are pushed beyond imagination. With a dedicated team of instructors and mentors who are passionate about fostering transformation, we encourage our students to embrace their inner creativity, find their unique voices, and unlock their hidden talents.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your goals or aspirations at Creative Veins, our mission is to help individuals be who they really are, and not who they’ve been conditioned to be. Our programs are designed to instill confidence, resilience, and a deep sense of self-awareness, allowing students to break free from the molds of conformity and discover their own authentic path.

In our vibrant and inclusive community, you’ll find a rich tapestry of artistic expression. From acting and dance to music and improvisation, Creative Veins provides a wide array of courses and workshops that cater to all interests and skill levels. Our passionate instructors draw from their own experiences as artists to inspire and guide students in their creative journeys, fostering not only artistic growth but also personal transformation.

Creative Veins is more than a performing arts school; it’s a sanctuary where the impossible becomes possible, and where individuals can dare to dream, explore, and redefine themselves. Join us on this exhilarating journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and innovative creativity. Discover your true self, and let your creative veins flow freely.